The 2017 RIDGID Calendars are In… No Pinups

Ridgid Calendar 2017

For the RIDGID 2017 Calendars they have made the change to feature 12 artist’s renderings of Pipe Wrenches instead of the iconic Pinup Girls. I like the graphics, if the calendar were a new promo idea from a company I would think it was pretty cool idea. Of course going from a 50 year tradition for beautiful ladies on the wall of the shop to drawings of pipe wrenches is not going to sit well with everyone. This has been a change several years coming and with the move towards a more PC work place should not come as much of a surprise.

If you want one of the 2017 Calendars they are $6.99 w/free ship, or you can get 1 FREE simply by ordering any RIDGID Tools from Ohio Power Tool and just let them know to include a 2017 Ridgid Calendar with your order (must be shipped with items). If you want to pick up one of the previous RIDGID Calendars that do have Pinups Girls there are several achieve years available as well.

2017 Calendars from Ridgid

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