2014 Milwaukee Heated Gear Unveiled Today with Several Updates

2014 Heated Jackets

There are a few changes for Milwaukee’s 5th season for Heated Apparel. The additions include 3 new hoodies black, Reatree Xtra and Realtree Max-1. For the jackets it looks like the Red and Black have been redesigned with a 2 tone design so the underside of the arm on the red jacket is black and may hide wear better. On the Realtree camo jackets the pattern has been changed to the Realtree Xtra from Realtree AP and there is a new 3-in-1 (heated vest/shell) option available which means the jacket will be even warmer in severe cold. Interestingly it looks like the “Carhartt” brown colored hoodie was dropped most likely due to slow sales and replaced with the black which should be far more popular. Of course all the new options will still be powered by the Milwaukee M12 battery system.

M12 black heated hoodie

In the first year or two Milwaukee had been relatively unchallenged in the heated apparently category however now it looks as though they face competition from Bosch (see last season’s Bosch vs Milwaukee heated jacket video below), Dewalt, Makita, Ridgid and new ones popping up every day. It would appear at this point Milwaukee remains the leader and these new options should help them stay on top but time will tell.

Of course you can pre-order from OhioPowerTool.com, seasonal shipments won’t be in-stock until September but can be special ordered early if you don’t mind waiting a few days. For the official Milwaukee Tool Press Release see below.

2014 Realtree Heated hoodies

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool will continue to expand their line of M12™ Heated Gear as they begin their 5th Season this fall. The 2014 line includes a ground-up redesign of M12™ Heated Jackets, the introduction of the M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo 3-in-1 Heated Jacket, and new M12™ Heated Hoodie color options for on and off the jobsite.

2014 milwaukee jackets

Powered by M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery Technology, Milwaukee® Heated Gear distributes heat across the chest and back to actively warm core body areas. Durable carbon fiber heating elements woven in between rugged exterior materials and thermal insulating liners generate and maintain heat to reduce the need for bulky layers. Three heat settings (High, Medium, Low) allow the user to select the right amount of warmth for all weather conditions. All M12™ Heated Jackets, Hoodies and Hand Warmers are now fully machine washable and dryable for extended use.

Redesigned for optimal fit, better heat retention and improved versatility, the new Milwaukee M12™ Heated Jackets feature an improved cut that provides an enhanced range of motion and keeps heat closer to the body. Now with a new two-tone color design, the rugged wind and water resistant shell keeps weather out, while improved insulation and a thermal fleece lining hold heat in to reduce the number of layers needed. For added versatility, two distinct heat zones (back and chest, lower pockets) can be adjusted independently to provide the right amount of heat for any situation, and an oversized cargo pouch and utility pocket have been added for storage. A USB charging power port conveniently charges all portable electronic devices, while displaying remaining run time for the battery. The new jackets will be available in Black, Red and RealtreeXtra® Camo,  joining the Women’s and High Visibility Heated Jackets to round out the M12™ Heated Jacket lineup.

Brand new this fall, Milwaukee® will also introduce the M12™ 3-in-1 Camo Heated Jacket. The most advanced heated jacket system designed for the outdoorsman, the customizable 3-in-1 Heated Jacket sets a new standard in cold-weather performance and versatility. Worn separately as a base layer or attached to the outer shell, the heated vest integrates five carbon fiber heating elements and advanced fabric-layering technology to distribute and maintain heat across core body areas. The rugged wind and water resistant shell features special noise-reducing fabric with the Realtree Xtra® Camo pattern to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions while blending in with the natural colors of the fall, winter and early spring. Made out of the same weather-resistant material, a removable hood helps keep heat in and provides additional protection against the elements when added to the shell.

With the versatility to provide warmth during fall, winter and spring months, the new M12™ Heated Hoodies will include the addition of black as a color option, as well as two Realtree® camouflage patterns. Featuring noise-reducing fabric, Realtree Xtra® Camo works best in wooded terrain throughout all regions, and Realtree Max-1® Camo mimics the neutral earth tones found in the southwest, west and plains regions. The Red, Black and Gray M12™ Heated Hoodies are made from a thick cotton blend that is built to withstand wear and tear on the jobsite. The High Visibility and new Camouflage hoodies feature a water-repellant polyester shell for protection from the elements. All feature a waffle-weave polyester thermal liner and rib-knit cuffs to provide superior heat retention in the coldest months.

On or off the jobsite, Milwaukee M12™ Heated Gear provides up to 6 hours of continuous heat per battery charge for use in all seasons and outdoor environments.  M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Batteries are compatible with over 60 power tool solutions from Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Heated Gear Season 5 Models

M12™ Heated Jackets

  1. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo 3 in 1 Heated Jacket (2386 Bare & 2387 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  2. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Jacket (2392 Bare & 2393 Kit): Sizes S-3X Updated Design
  3. M12™ Red Heated Jacket (2390 Bare & 2391 Kit): Sizes S-3X Updated Design
  4. M12™ Black Heated Jacket (2394 Bare & 2395 Kit): Sizes S-3X Updated Design
  5. M12™ Women’s Heated Jacket (2339 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  6. M12™ High Visibility Heated Jacket (2346 Bare & 2347 Kit): Sizes M-4X No Change

M12™ Heated Hoodies

  1. M12™ Black Heated Hoodie (2380 Bare & 2381 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  2. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Hoodie (2382 Bare & 2383 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  3. M12™ Realtree Max-1® Camo Heated Hoodie (2384 Bare & 2385 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  4. M12™ Red Heated Hoodie (2370 Bare & 2371 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  5. M12™ Gray Heated Hoodie (2372 Bare & 2373 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  6. M12™ High Visibility Heated Hoodie (2376 Bare  & 2377 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change

M12™ Heated Hand Warmers

  1. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Hand Warmer (2321-20 Bare & 2321-21 Kit) No Change
  2. M12™ Black Heated Hand Warmer (2322-20 Bare & 2322-21 Kit) No Change

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