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Milwaukee Fastback 2 Because the Best Just Isn’t Good Enough

August of last year we conducted a comparison test of the Top 8 Utility Knives that we had seen from two previous posts on the topic as well as a few of the latest and greatest innovations added into the mix. The winner of the competition was the Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1901 ($15, Ohio Power Tool) with our only complaint that …

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Return of the Utility Knife… The Final Showdown

  Well several months back we took a modest selection of 5 utility knives and compared a few common features in the original Utility Knife Showdown. However just after that launch Irwin launched several new knives that brought some interesting new features to the table as well as some very trade specific knives so we did the follow up Showdown …

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Utility Knife Showdown 2 – Irwin Strikes Back

  Recently we did a comparison of 5 Utility Knives in the first Utility Knife Showdown. We had several utility knives in our possession and wanted to highlight some of the newer features that were available on a few different knives. By no means did this cover all knives on the market just a sampling to highlight a few new …

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Utility Knife Showdown – Irwin, CH Hanson & Milwaukee

  Recently we have seen some new features in the different Utility Knives out there so we thought we would take a look at what style of knives are available with different features. We had these 5 models on hand which we felt did a good job of representing a good number of the options out there. The several year old bulky orange …

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