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Milwaukee M12 Micro-USB, Car Charger or Solar Power Source

For many years Milwaukee has offered the ability to use their batteries to charge your phone via USB. The current M12 Power Source 49-24-2310 ($27) and M18 Power Source 49-24-2371 ($30) are quickly becoming a staple for pros that have Milwaukee batteries as a great way to charge their devices on the go. This new M12 Power Source Micro-USB 48-59-1202 …

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Milwaukee M12 Power Pack 2349-20

Wow this is a cool new unexpected item from Milwaukee Tools. Now you can use your Milwaukee M12 batteries to charge other devices such as a cell phone, ipods, iphones, laptops(?) or any other device that would work off a USB or car charger. They claim to be able to charge 5 small electronic devices (two at a time) with the …

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