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Bosch Hollow SDS-Max & SDS-Plus Vacuum Drill Bits

Last year at the World of Concrete one of the big product launches out of the Hilti camp were their version of the hollow SDS-Max and SDS-Plus drill bits. This year it is Bosch and Simpson who have teamed up to create a system for anchoring up to 50% faster. Both systems work basically the same where the drill bits …

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Milwaukee M18 SDS-Plus 5/8” Rotary Hammer 2612-21

At the recent Milwaukee press event we had the opportunity to test out this compact 5/8” M18 SDS-Plus Rotary 2612-21 ($299, Ohio Power Tool) hammer drill. The purpose of this tool is designed specifically for those folks who do a lot of overhead drill with small diameter holes and don’t need to added cost and weight of the full size …

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New Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Max SDS-Plus Hammers RH228VC

The original Bosch Bulldog 11224VSR ($164, Ohio Power Tool) is still the most common SDS-Plus drill we see on jobsite even with so many more powerful options on the market. Bosch certainly does not want to be out gunned in this category however so they have launched the latest edition to their D-handle rotary hammer drills Bulldog Xtreme Max RH228VC …

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Bosch SDS-Plus Rebar Cutting Bits

The new rebar cutters from Bosch have 1 purpose, extending the life of your other concrete drill bits. Nothing wears out a concrete drill bit faster than rebar and how do you avoid it? With the Bosch Rebar Cutter it’s simple. Once you hit rebar simply switch out the bit in your SDS-Plus hammer drill, cut the rebar and switch …

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Bosch X5L SDS-Plus Full Head Carbide for Concrete & Rebar

The new Bosch SDS Plus X5L drill bits are the ideal choice for drilling into concrete with rebar. Ranging in size from 3/16”-1/2” the tip is a full head of carbide with a diffusion bond, significantly stronger than brazing process used by the competition. For larger diameter holes it is suggested to use a standard SDS-Plus bit then use the …

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SDS-Plus vs. SDS-Max vs. Spline Drive – Hammer Drill Bits

There is sometimes a little confusion as to what bits work with which hammer drills and what bit is best for each job. In the beginning there were a ton of different styles of hex and tapper bits, lots of manufacturer had their own, we won’t even get into that. Spline was introduced here in the US as a universal shank …

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