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New Skil Oscillating Multi-Tool OMT For $79 at Walmart

 If you still have not treated yourself to an Oscillating Multi-tool you may want to consider looking at the new Skil when it is available in May. The 2.0 amp motor is slightly less powerful compared to the Bosch, Rockwell and Fein but certainly so is the $79 price tag. One big selling feature with the Skil system is that …

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Air Hammers, Scalers & Needler Basics

Air hammers have a wide range of uses in many different industries from automotive service to construction to foundry use. Coupled with a wide variety of air hammer chisels and different attachments these are incredibly versatile tools. An interesting fact, Air Hammers are also called Zip Guns and if you search on that term, you will get a whole other list …

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