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Modernizing Safety & PPE with Milwaukee NPS19

Continuing our coverage of Milwaukee’s 2019 NPS let’s look at the expanded line of PPE safety gear including new hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility safety vests, respirators, hearing protection, more tool lanyards, and cut resistant glove expansion. Check out our videos from the NPS and information below. Milwaukee realized the world of hard hats hadn’t […]

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Klein Tools Ergodyne

Klein Tool Acquires Ergodyne Work Gear

The commitment to a Safer Work Place is a shared goal for many companies and tool brands, Ergodyne has been a leader at the forefront of this push with one of the most extensive collection of tool tethering and storage solutions for working at heights. Klein Tools is the brand most trusted by electricians, many working at heights so this …

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Self-Retracting Lifelines – Class A or Class B?

When you or your workers are up in the air working at a height, it is imperative to ensure not only that you use fall protection equipment, but that you use the right fall protection equipment. A fall prevention system is composed of an Anchor, a Body harness, and a Connector, often being a lanyard with a deceleration or energy absorbing mechanism. In …

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Finding the Best Disposable Gloves Built for Mechanics

There are tons of brands out there selling disposable gloves with many different names and promises slapped on the side. Most are targeting the very high volume of usage in food processing, medial fields and other related industries. The trouble is finding the right heavy duty gloves for use in construction, mechanics, plumbing, repair and other professional trades which have pretty …

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Combo Glasses – 2 in 1 Eyes + Hearing Safety Solution

By now you may have figured out we are suckers for the “Guy with an Idea” type tool products and here is another good example. The company is www.ComboGlasses.com and they make Safety glasses with built in ear protection. Very simple idea but the design and execution are very good. When not need the ear plugs tuck into the glasses out of …

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Selecting the Right Safety Harness – FallTech

Safety equipment isn’t as fun to shop for and as a new table saw however for some people (more & more as OSHA regulations get tighter) it has become a daily part of life which means you are going to be spending plenty of hours each week in that harness. For this reason there are a wide range of styles …

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