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RIDGID RP 340 Is the Next Generation of RIDGID Press Tool

RIDGID’s press tools are something of an industry standard as far as press tools go, and press tools in general are becoming more and more widely adopted as people realize how much easier they are than busting out some solder. From everything I’ve heard about the tools, they work great, but they can be a little heavy and bulky. RIDGID …

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Ridgid ProPress 200B In-Line ProPress 43428

The trend over the past several years has been moving more and more towards pressing copper pipe rather than traditional sweating methods. These connections are more secure and there is less room for error/leaks that will cause trouble down the road. We don’t have any exact figures to go on but our feeling from talking with plumbers daily is that …

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Milwaukee M12 & M18 Cordless Plumbing Press Tools

  We are still working our way through all the great new products we had the opportunity to see at the 2012 Milwaukee Media event last month. One of product groups we have not seen much coverage on but should be a big deal for plumbers are the cordless M12 & M18 Press Tools. Copper tubing installation may be down overall with …

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PEX System Rundown: Uponor (ProPEX) vs Viega (PureFlow)

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Tubing or PEX plumbing systems have become the norm in new building today with companies continue to find new and innovative uses for the resource. In addition to replacing copper tubing for many traditional plumbing needs it is also an idea choice for radiant floor heating and now quickly becoming a popular option for fire sprinkler installations. Unfortunately …

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