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Skilsaw Recip Saw SPT44A with BUZZKILL Technology

We have been very impressed with the new SKILSAW professional brand and their departure from the cheaper Skil Tools we were seeing in the market. They have really been creative in utilizing the tried and true Wormdrive motor to expand to high quality metal saws, table saws, larger circular saws and a handful of other nice circular saws all paired …

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Milwaukee Tool New Sawzall Blades with Actual Fangs

Possible the most secretive of all the new tools and accessories we learned about at the Milwaukee Media Event was their new Sawzall Blades. Even the sample they sent us had our name printed on it as a “special edition”; either because they think our ego is huge or they don’t want us selling it to the highest bidder. These …

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New Milwaukee Sawzalls 6509-31 & 6519-31

Milwaukee takes great pride in the fact that they invented the Sawzall recip saw almost 60 years ago. They really don’t like it when anyone else makes a competitive saw so naturally they are constantly updating and coming out with different versions to be more powerful, durable, lighter, cheaper, faster or some combination thereof. The two new models are both …

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Bosch Enters Heavy Demolition Saw Category with RS35

  In the world of reciprocating saw users, there are three groups – light-duty handymen, heavy duty contractors and then there are the extreme, cut-through-everything, demolition users. This is the user Bosch Power Tools & Accessories had in mind when it designed the powerful RS35 Demolition Reciprocating Saw. Featuring a robust motor, the fastest cutting action, and lowest vibration in …

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