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SPX Power Team Predator Torque Wrenches & Hydraulic Pumps

Several months ago SPX Power Team announced a new line of Predator Torque Wrenches and Electric Hydraulic Pumps. These new torque wrenches are serious tools putting out up to 28,800 ft. lbs. of torque on hex bolts as large as 6-1/8”. Unless you plan on building you own roller coaster or 80ft wind turbine in your back yard these tools obviously …

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Custom Building Hydraulic Pumps

At Ohio Power Tool you can get a wide variety of Power Team Hydraulic Pumps powered by hand, air, electric or gas pumps. Pumps can be configured with small reservoirs, large reservoirs, single acting, double acting, different types of valves, remote control switches and so many other features. You can find many different model configurations available in the Hydraulic Pumps …

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Power Team Railroad & Heavy Equipment Power Jacks

  Well know for their large hydraulic equipment Power Team has built portable high tonnage jacks specific for lifting rail cars and heavy equipment. The jacks range from 60 to 200 tons and are powered by air or electric. There are several different options such as pumps, height, tonnage, remote control and other features that can be customized but most …

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