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M18 DrainSnake, M18 SwitchPack & M12 AirSnake

We saw these new Milwaukee Cordless Drain Cleaning solutions at this year’s New Product Symposium (#NPS17) we did leave there with a few questions and recently we had the opportunity to have Morgan in the shop and address some actual usability questions, pricing questions and try to get a glimpse into how deep Milwaukee plans to go into the Drain …

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Viega Challenge: Ridgid ProPress Tool vs Sweating Copper Pipes

Viega manufactures copper and stainless steel fittings for use in a wide variety of plumbing applications. The Viega products are unique as they require no flux or soldering, safer with no open flame, much quicker to install and less chance for failure. This is because the connections are made by pressing (7200 lbs pressure) the metals together to form a …

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