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Hands-on Video of the Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Tool 2432-22

Check out this new video on the Milwaukee M12 ProPEX 2432-22 ($399, Ohio Power Tool) which our Milwaukee contacts promise will be out very shortly! Don’t worry we will hold their feet over hot coals if it doesn’t happen soon! For more details checkout our original post on both the Milwaukee M12 & M18 ProPEX Tools.  

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PEX System Rundown: Uponor (ProPEX) vs Viega (PureFlow)

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Tubing or PEX plumbing systems have become the norm in new building today with companies continue to find new and innovative uses for the resource. In addition to replacing copper tubing for many traditional plumbing needs it is also an idea choice for radiant floor heating and now quickly becoming a popular option for fire sprinkler installations. Unfortunately …

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