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Table 1 vs Objective Data – OSHA Silica Rules

Now that we are less than a month away from the September 23rd deadline we are seeing a lot more interest about the new OSHA Silica Rules which is good that people are taking this seriously. One of the big debates that has recently popped up, some manufacturers are telling their own customers that they will not support “Objective Data” and everything …

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Milwaukee HEPA Vac for Silica Compliance

With the new OSHA Silica Dusts rules getting ever closer there has been a lot of scrambling for manufacturers and users to get the right solutions in place. The good news is the June 23rd deadline has been pushed back 90 days to September 23, 2017 allowing for some more solutions to hit the market. Milwaukee Tool has just announced …

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OSHA Silica Deadline Pushed 90 Days, 9/23/17

The original deadline for issuing OSHA fines was June 23rd however with that deadline very near the amount of unanswered questions and many tasks that still not having good solutions OSHA has announced everyone will get an additional 90 days before fines will begin. (OHSA full press release) This is good news, manufacturers of solutions to control silica dust are …

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Jobox Safety Cabinets and Gas Cans Rate Highest in UL Testing

We had an opportunity to see the Jobox Safety Cabinets last year and were very impressed at the time. Unfortunately it takes some time to get a safety cabinet approved by all the necessary governing bodies including OSHA, NFPA, IFC (for self closing models) and an UL Listing which we were surprised to learn many safety cabinets on the market …

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