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OSHA Silica Dust Rules for September 23, 2017

**** OSHA UPDATE 4/7/2017 – New OSHA Deadline is September 23, 2017 for Silica Dust Compliance as there was a 90 day extension added.  Crystalline silica dust is nasty business and can be incredibly harmful for employees who regularly breathe in the dust during their work day. Protecting workers from these hazards should be fundamental and these new OSHA rules …

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BX 2011 Safety Award for Safe Storage of Oxygen & Acetylene

  The OSHA rule on any jobsite requires separating fuel gases, most commonly Acetylene, from the oxidizer agent when “not in use”. Where this gets fuzzy is if the two tanks remain connected and fully set up there is a 24 hour period where it is considered “reasonably anticipated” the set up could be used. This leads to many people …

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