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STARLOCK Bosch & Fein Oscillating Tool Collaboration

A few years ago if you had told us Fein and Bosch would team up on Oscillating Tool Accessories we would have thought you were crazy. At the time there was a frantic rush for every brand to have their own accessories which meant a very narrow mix of accessories for customers and harder for retailers to stock. Fast forward …

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Carbide-Tipped Oscillating Tool Blade From Bosch – OSC114C

It may be fair to say that we have been sufficiently spoiled by carbide. The proliferation of carbide-tipped blades, rasps and bits has made the useful application of anything that is not carbide-tipped seem ho-hum and ineffectual by comparison (unless you start getting into the serious diamond embedded stuff, but that is another story for another day). Due to the …

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New Dremel Multimax Accessires – Multi-Knife & Jab Saw Blade

Dremel MM430 Multi-Knife Accessory The Dremel brand is expanding its line of Dremel Multi-Max accessories with the introduction of a new, multipurpose blade to the market, the Dremel MM430 Multi-Knife. The Dremel MM430 provides do-it-yourself enthusiasts and pros with an ideal solution for cutting flexible materials with a Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool.

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Porter Cable 2.5amp Oscillating Multi-Tool PC250MTK Review

  Being one of the last to the oscillating tool party has had its advantages for Porter Cable and their new PC250MTK ($104, Amazon) Multi-Tool. To start with they bumped up the horse power to a larger 2.5 amp motor and added a 10’ corded for better worksite maneuverability. The feel of the unit also seems a little more thought …

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Bosch OIS Cutting Accessories or Ginsu Knife Infomercial

Maybe we just spend too much time watching all the same old instructional tool & how-to videos but anytime they can get a little more creative and fun to watch we definitely welcome it. The video does a good job highlighting the Bosch OIS Oscillating Tool Accessories features. At this point it’s safe to say people have a pretty good …

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New Skil Oscillating Multi-Tool OMT For $79 at Walmart

 If you still have not treated yourself to an Oscillating Multi-tool you may want to consider looking at the new Skil when it is available in May. The 2.0 amp motor is slightly less powerful compared to the Bosch, Rockwell and Fein but certainly so is the $79 price tag. One big selling feature with the Skil system is that …

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Bosch OIS Oscillating Tool MX25EC Exclusively at Home Depot

The long awaited corded Bosch Oscillating Tool MX25EC, which has been talked about for several years now and may finally be the answer to a suitable rival for the higher priced Fein MultiMaster is final available and you can even get it in time for Christmas! Apparently Bosch has struck an exclusive deal with the Home Depot on the MX25EC-21 …

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Cordless Dremel Multi-Max 8300-01 Review

  In 2009 it was reported that the Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular power tool sold in the United States. So naturally it makes sense in 2010, right before the holiday gift season, a cordless Multi-Max 8300-01 ($138, Ohio Power Tool) might make its way into stores. In the oscillating tool world there is definitely a need for both …

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