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Bosch OIS Oscillating Blades – (Day 9) 12 Days of Bits & Blades

Oscillating tools are all the rage these days and the 2010 holiday season is no exception. Oscillating tools and accessories will again be one of the most popular tool gifts given/gotten this year. An important thing to consider when giving a tool gift however is how easy will it be to get the accessories. Some brands only work with their …

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Bosch OIS Universal Oscillating Tool Accessories & Adaptor

The biggest problem with multi-tools today is that hardly any of the oscillating accessories are interchangeable with one another. This can be a real problem because while we would love to believe all purchases can be made online, often when you get to that weekend project and realize your blades are so dull they couldn’t cut butter it’s off to …

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Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Blades MM462 & MM463

Both of these new Dremel Multi-Max Blades are similar in size with the 1-1/8” width & 1-1/4” depth making them the largest strait cutting blades Dremel offers. Both will work on wood but the MM463 has a much more aggressive “Japanese” tooth pattern which would probably be ruined by any metal cutting. The new metal & wood MM462 actually looks …

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Dremel Multi-Max Project Videos

The Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular power tool of 2009, which is truly an amazing fact. The oscillating tool category is one of the fastest growing and it has become a staple in most tool cabinets, Pro or DIYer. Dremel has some new accessories recently launched with more coming out later this year. If you still aren’t sure all the …

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Dremel MM920 New Grinding Accessory for the Multi-Max

Hopefully this is the first of many new attachments for the Dremel Multi-Max, as oscillating tools become a staple among many of us and we are constantly looking to get new uses out of our tools for just another $5-$30. The new MM920 ($29, Ohio Power Tool) adds a more substantial grinding option, currently there is a MM900 ($33, Ohio Power …

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ToolSnob – Oscillating Tool Accessories: What Fits What?

The Oscillating tools have become the biggest new categories of tools to hit the market in years. I though last year was going to be the biggest Christmas push but this year has possible been even better for these vibrating tools. I even heard the Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular tool sold in the entire world this year (although it did …

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Making a Dremel Multi-Max Adaptor for Fein Accessories

  The Dremel Multi-Max has received plenty of positive press from tool blogs, forums and national news sources and for good reason. This tool has been a huge success for Dremel, possibly bigger than they expected. It has been eating into Fein sales of the MutiMaster, I haven’t even seen the infomercials recently. One problem for the Dremel however is that …

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