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Milwaukee M18 Brushless vs M18 FUEL

We’ve been fighting for a few years now to tell everyone there is NO difference between Brushless and FUEL but that’s all about to change. Starting in February (2015) Milwaukee will add 3 new “M18 Compact Brushless” tools to the lineup which will have much less power than their M18 FUEL Brushless Tools. FUEL is still Brushless but means the top of …

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Hole Hawgs 2707-22 & 2708-22

For years the Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-6 ($299) has been a staple for electricians, plumbers and many other tradesmen alike. This is the workhorse for professional drilling applications and in its current form is remarkably similar to the tool launched 45+ years ago. Milwaukee is making some big leaps forward in 2014 however with the M18 FUEL Hole Hawgs, Chucked …

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How Milwaukee is Leading the Way in Cordless Power Tools

Recently we attended the Milwaukee Tool media event and we very surprised to see just how many cordless tools the red team was coming to market with by the end of 2013. As things stand today, if cordless tools were a horse race, it would be hard to argue that Milwaukee isn’t the horse to bet on against Pro brands …

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless 4.0Ah RedLithium Batteries

  It was only about a year ago that Milwaukee launched their original M18 RedLithium Batteries which were rated at 3.0Ah. Now we are seeing another 25% increase in battery life which is certainly nothing we are going to complain about. These will of course work with all the existing Milwaukee M18 Tools and claim not only more runtime but …

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Free Battery Deal & New Impact Drivers

  The New Milwaukee Fuel Brushless system has now been in the market place for a short time and already having tremendous success. These new drills in combination with the RedLithium battery platform are reportedly leading to some of the longest runtimes of any tool, even against higher voltage 28 volt and 36 volt tools. Ohio Power Tool will be …

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Field Testing the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill 2604-22

  We talked about the excellent job Milwaukee did launching the M18 Fuel back in November at the 2011 STAFDA trade show. However we have seen big power tool launches that have not lived up to the hype. The first two M18 Fuel Tools are on the shelves now; Hammer Drill 2604-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool) & Drill/Driver 2603-22 ($279, …

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel vs DeWalt 20V Brushless – Showdown

  While neither of these two were the first to the brushless party, Panasonic launched their first Brushless tool in 2006 with many others since. However most of these tools have been priced in the $400 plus range which puts them a little out of the comfort zone for most of us. As these kits and bare tools start to …

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel vs M18 Red Lithium Technology

Earlier this week we attended the STAFDA tool trade show but before we ever stepped foot on the show floor we saw many signs announcing Milwaukee M18 Fuel. Our curiosity was immediate sparked and eager to learn more about what it was. Could M18 Fuel be replacing Red Lithium which was the big buzz just one year before? When we …

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