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On A Quest for the Perfect Flap Disc

When it comes to flap discs we have really seen a lot of improvements in recent years, on a never ending quest to find the perfect flap disc we might be pretty close. The new CS Unitec Plantex Sunfire Ceramic Flap Disc brings a lot of things together in a single package that can do a lot for a pretty …

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Milwaukee Grinder Deal on 4.5″ to 6″ – Buy 3 Get One Free

We have posted on the new Milwaukee Grinders a couple of times; see here and video comparison here, with pretty positive results. We continue to see excellent professional performance and probably the best value in the grinder category as they are very well priced vs other pro grinders. For the high volume grinder users this promotion is pretty attractive and …

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18 New Grinders Launching this Summer from Milwaukee Tools

  It was not that long ago (about 2 years) Milwaukee Tools launched a full line of brand new 4.5” to 9” grinders and they are at it again. With 18 new grinder models just in the 4.5” to 6” category Milwaukee is serious about reclaiming a larger portion of this market. It looks as though the new Milwaukee grinders …

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