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On A Quest for the Perfect Flap Disc

When it comes to flap discs we have really seen a lot of improvements in recent years, on a never ending quest to find the perfect flap disc we might be pretty close. The new CS Unitec Plantex Sunfire Ceramic Flap Disc brings a lot of things together in a single package that can do a lot for a pretty …

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Metabo Rat Tail Grinders – Best Power to Weight

We recently had the opportunity to visit Metabo’s headquarters in Nürtingen, Germany for a full tour of how they whined the copper, assemble armature, electronics, housing, etc. It was very impressive and clearly, they are continuing to advance in corded technology, which it seems other manufacturers have forgotten. Of course in USA Metabo’s bread & butter is their Grinders and …

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Bosch 1380SLIM – New 4.5” Angle Grinder

At first glance of the above marketing photos you might be thinking big whoop another 4.5” grinder with 7.5 Amps. Without feeling the grinder it’s hard to tell the body of this tool is significantly Slimmer than anything else on the market, providing for more control in cutting and grinding applications. We recently had a chance to test out the Bosch …

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