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Metabo Rat Tail Grinders – Best Power to Weight

We recently had the opportunity to visit Metabo’s headquarters in Nürtingen, Germany for a full tour of how they whined the copper, assemble armature, electronics, housing, etc. It was very impressive and clearly, they are continuing to advance in corded technology, which it seems other manufacturers have forgotten. Of course in USA Metabo’s bread & butter is their Grinders and …

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Jet Industrial Bench Grinders & Metal Dust Collection Stand

For years Jet has offered several competitively priced, pretty good 6″, 8″ & 10″ bench grinders. JET now offers a solution for heavy duty applications with their new line of Industrial Bench Grinders. Built to work in demanding, high volume environments, these grinders are durable enough to tackle the toughest grinding applications all day long while delivering high quality results …

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2011 Milwaukee Grinder Overhaul – Hype or Serious Contender

At the beginning of summer Milwaukee announced it was doing a complete overhaul on all of its 4.5”-6” grinders promising more power, better performance and better overall tool life thanks to a variety of electronic improvements. In talking to Milwaukee’s product development team they were promising to outperform and outlive any of the pro grinder competition in electric tools. A …

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Ingersoll Rand New 4.5″ Air Grinder 3445MAX

New to the Ingersoll Rand Max family is the 3445MAX ($227, Ohio Power Tool) 4.5” air grinder. The Max family of tools indicates the top of the line in terms of Power & Comfort (power/weight). It looks as though IR is really expanding the Max line to include not only impact wrenches, but also ratchets and now grinders. Checkout the …

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