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Metabo Rat Tail Grinders – Best Power to Weight

We recently had the opportunity to visit Metabo’s headquarters in Nürtingen, Germany for a full tour of how they whined the copper, assemble armature, electronics, housing, etc. It was very impressive and clearly, they are continuing to advance in corded technology, which it seems other manufacturers have forgotten. Of course in USA Metabo’s bread & butter is their Grinders and …

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Hougen Metal Cutting – RotoCut & Holcutters

If you are constantly working with metal sheets up to 1/2” thick and using traditional twist drill bits, you need to try out the Hougen RotoCut. These bits work in either a hand held drill or drill press, last 10x longer and cut 3x faster than traditional twist drill bits. The design of these bits is similar to a hole …

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