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Introducing: The Milwaukee M12 4-in-1 Installation Drill Driver

Coptool at ’19 NPS Milwaukee continues to innovate their line of power tools and this time they have expanded upon their M12 FUEL series. The focus was on end user’s frustration with tight corners, tight spaces, and lack of versatility. These bad boys are expected to hit the market hard mid-September, so make sure you pre-order your bare tool (2505-20) …

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL Stubby Impact Wrenches

By Sarah Lee The biggest thing to happen to Air Impact Wrenches over the past few years has been the stubby! We’ve seen the top air tool lines from IR, CP and other launch these compact tools with big success but nothing in a cordless versions, Until Now! Welcome the M12 FUEL Stubby Impact Wrenches in 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2″ …

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Milwaukee NPS18 What is Coming & What We Didn’t See

We’re going to start this off with what we didn’t see at Milwaukee’s NPS18 event before jumping into all the good stuff. Of course everyone has a ton of wants, needs and guess on what new products are getting launched at these events but they can only do so much. Steve Richman, Milwaukee’s President got up and said the answer …

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL – Gen 2 is Here!

The new M12 FUEL generation 2 Drill/Drivers, Impacts & Combo Kits are now coming in! Back in 2013, Milwaukee first introduced their M12 drilling and driving solutions, which set the benchmark for the sub-compact industry in a couple ways: They utilized the most advanced POWERSTATE™ Brushless technology available at the time, reshaping perceptions of performance and capabilities of 12V tools. …

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Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposium NPS17

Well 2017 marked the 10th year of Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposiums and the anticipation was very high. With tool competitors launching technologies with higher voltages, new cells and multiple batteries the expectation was that the red team might have something big to announce but alas no big news on the battery tech. When pressed why they have not gone …

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How Milwaukee is Leading the Way in Cordless Power Tools

Recently we attended the Milwaukee Tool media event and we very surprised to see just how many cordless tools the red team was coming to market with by the end of 2013. As things stand today, if cordless tools were a horse race, it would be hard to argue that Milwaukee isn’t the horse to bet on against Pro brands …

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