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New Lincoln 20V PowerLuber Cordless Grease Gun 1882 & 1884

When it comes to cordless grease guns the Lincoln PowerLuber has been the top dog for many years. Since that time however there have been several new competitors in the marketplace looking to take their share of the pie. Milwaukee is probably the most notable recent entry into the market with popular model options for both M12 & M18 platforms. …

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Lincoln Grease Gun Digital Display PowerLuber 18V Lithium 1864

 For those responsible for maintaining large construction or farming equipment this gun may offer some very important benefits that will more than pay for itself. Over greasing a lube point can do more than just waste valuable grease. It can also damage seals, load bearings and create excessive heat that shortens a bearing’s operating life. The new Lincoln PowerLuber 1864 …

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Lincoln Lube & Mityvac Gift Card Promotion

If you are shopping for some new Lincoln Lube or Mityvac tools it’s that time of the year again for the gift card promotion. Mail-in this Rebate Form with any amount of the selected items and get up to $250 in gift cards. This year some of the gift card options have changed to include Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, …

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Lincoln PowerLuber Grease Gun (Corded) AC2440

The new Lincoln PowerLuber AC2440 ($188, Ohio Power Tool) is the new corded version that will plug into any standard 120V outlet and uses the 14 oz grease tubes. The AC2440 has similar output as the cordless 14.4V & 18V Cordless PowerLubers with 2 speed options, High Pressure (3.6 oz/min) & Low Pressure (8.0 oz/min) but will never run out of juice …

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