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Lenox Diamond Wheel Results

Diamond Edge Cutting Wheels Head to Head

Special Thanks to The Jimbo Slice Workshop for this Guest Post, some great info we think many will find useful!!! For years we have been using bonded cutting wheels for our metal cutting needs, and for years we’ve understood their limitation and danger. A rotation disc at 13,000 rpms that could explode at any minute. Not only can they break up …

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Stanley Aquires Lenox Irwin

Stanley Buy Newell’s Irwin & Lenox for $1.95 Billion

The giant conglomerate that is Newell manages a ton of different brands which include Irwin, Lenox and Hilmor under their tool division but also Graco Car Seats and Yankee Candles and many many more. We are guessing it is hard to effectively cover so much ground and at nearly $2 billion this is not chump change. Stanley, Black & Decker …

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Sawzall / Reciprocating Saw Blade Tourture Test for Demo

Somehow we missed this when it came out a few months ago in Fine Homebuilding Magazine. It is a very nice detail comparison of 15 major demo blades for wood. Looking at price, TPI, cut speed, cuts, flexibility, etc it really goes deep with each blade. It was pointed out to us while having a discussion about metal cutting blades in Garage Journal …

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Quick Tips for Longer Lasting Bi-Metal Hole Saws

When using bi-metal Hole Saws it’s easy to not follow the proper directions and become disappointed with the lack of performance. No matter what brand you are using there are some basic things you can do to extend the life of any Hole Saw. First have you ever looked at the proper RPM chart for your hole saws based on size & material? …

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