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Bosch 12V Laser Levels with Bluetooth GLL3-330

So, you’re on the job scrolling through Facebook, your foreman walks by and says, “get off your phone and get some work done.” You then quickly pull up the app and operate your Bosch 360 Three-Plan Leveling and Alignment laser and say “I am getting work done, you didn’t know about this?” This is one of those feel good moments …

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Milwaukee Laser Temp-Gun Thermometers 2266-20 & 2277-21

The New surface temperature Temp-Guns from Milwaukee are available as part of the M12 system or available for use with standard Alkaline batteries. All of the available units are built for professional use with 1.5% accuracy range, K-Type thermocouple input and <500ms response time. There are however several differences in the models other than the power system. Laser Temp-Gun 2266-20 …

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