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Empire Digital Levels Now with Freakin Laser Beams

We got this interest video from our friends at ToolSelect.com testing out the new Empire Digital Level e100.48 ($159, Ohio Power Tool). Not only is it a high quality digital level it also has lasers to extend the measurement much farther than the 48” of the laser itself, nice video as well. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of …

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Bosch Surface Laser GSL2 for Perfectly Level Flooring

  Getting a perfectly level starting surface is very important for many applications and flooring, so determining the levelness is of course essential. Unfortunately until now there has not been a really easy, inexpensive way to do that so conflicts can arise between installers about if a surface is actually level “enough”. The Bosch self-leveling Surface Laser GSL2 ($549, Ohio …

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Johnson Laser 2 Dot Plumb Laser 40-6670 Review

Plumb dot lasers are popular among plumbers, electricians, finish carpenters and many other trades for finding well plumb. This Johnson laser 40-6670 ($89, Amazon) is a fairly inexpensive laser tool with the complete package of self-leveling, locking off switch, carrying case and target included. As prices among laser leveling tools continue to come down we are more and more questioning the need for …

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Bosch GLL2-80 Duel 360 Line Lasers – Very In-depth Reviews

  Over at Toolsnob.com there are a series of very informative reviews of the new Bosch GLL2-80 ($269, Ohio Power Tool). This line laser offers duel 360 degree lines (horizontal & vertical) at a very reasonable price. For interior works this laser has become a viable option to the more expensive rotary lasers. ToolSnob worked with Bosch to get these …

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Bosch 360 Dual Plane Leveling and Alignment Laser GLL2-80

The new Bosch GLL2-80 ($272) acts more like an interior rotary laser but still priced like a less expensive line laser. This compact laser provides 2 independent line lasers with full 360 degrees of continuous coverage. Each line, vertical and horizontal, can be operated independently and feature “Pulse” receiver mode for long distances or for use in bright light conditions. …

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CST/berger Laser Levels – Free Shipping

Until the end of the month you can get free ground shipping on all CST/berger laser tools anywhere in the continental US. This includes all dot lasers, line lasers, rotary lasers and pipe lasers. Many of the lasers themselves are available in a number of different kits that include any accessories you might need. When ordering Lasers online make sure …

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