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Can Milwaukee M12/M18 Radio Take On BOSE

As Bluetooth speakers from BOSE, BEATS and many other have become much more powerful while actually shrinking in size we have wondered why so many of the jobsite radios have remained the size of 80’s Boomboxes. The new Milwaukee radio speaker, Pre-order Now 2891-20 ($149). looks to change the game with style, size and clarity that will make it competitive not only among jobsite …

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Bosch Power Box PB360S – The Full Review

Earlier this year we got a first look at the new Bosch Power Box PB360S, during the World of Concrete (See earlier PB360S Post), these are now out and the user reviews are coming in. We were lucky enough to get one of these units to demo and as luck would have it, the unit was just in time for …

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New M12 Radio 2590-20 is Coming Soon

The M12 Radio 2590-20 is one of the common things people will ask for when talking about new products coming for Milwaukee’s M12 tool line. Now finally I can say with mild confidence we will see these in September.  The inevitable next question is of course does it charge the M12 batteries and unfortunately the answer is still no for …

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