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Ingersoll Rand W7150 Impact Wrench – Free Battery Deal

The Ingersoll Rand 20V IQv Impact Wrench is the most powerful cordless ½” on the market today so it is not surprising it has also become one of the most popular. All that power comes with at a price, with the 1 battery kit W7150-K1 ($402) and 2 battery kit W7150-K2 ($513) however from now until the end of July …

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Ingersoll Rand IQV20 Cordless Impact W7150-K1 FREE BATTERY

We First posted on the Ingersoll Rand V20 IQv Impact Gun at last year’s SEMA show with several videos from the actual show, see here. These impacts are finally about to start shipping and getting a lot of attention as they product more torque than probably 90% of all the pneumatic guns on the market today. To really kick this …

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Ingersoll Rand 3/8” Ratchet – 1207MAX-D3 – Tool Review

 In the Air Impact Wrench world the term “MAX” by Ingersoll Rand have been associated with the top performing tools for many years now. The introduction of a brand new “MAX” 3/8” ratchet 1207MAX-D3 ($138, Ohio Power Tool) carried with it some big expectations. We had a chance to demo this tool recently and decided to put it into the …

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Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead – Air Ratchet or Impact Wrench?

What type of tool is the new IR Hammerhead? Significantly more powerful than any ratchet with more than 10x the free RPM speed, it must be an Impact. On the other hand at 13.1”, 3.4lbs and under 2” head height it fits into tight spaces better than any impact could. The 3/8” 2015MAX ($293, Ohio Power Tool) and the ½” …

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Ingersoll Rand Twin Tank Air Compressors: P1IU-A9 vs DD2T2

The Ingersoll Rand DD2T2 has been a very popular twin tank portable air compressor for years. It was recently upgraded/replaced by the P1IU-A9 ($312 w/Free Shipping, Ohio Power Tool) which produces about equal numbers to the previous model, 4.3cfm, for the same price. The design of the new unit is a little more user friendly with controls and two connections …

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New Ingersoll Rand ¾” Impact Wrench 259

The new IR 259 essentially replaces the 258 as their mid-level ¾” gun for Ingersoll Rand. However there is nothing mid-level about this tool. It’s smaller and lighter than any other gun in its class. The gun delivers an impressive 1,050 ft lbs torque in both forward and reverse and only requires a 3/8” air inlet hose, unlike many others …

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Ingersoll Rand Cash Back Stimulus – Round 2

Many of you took advantage of the Ingersoll Rand air tool stimulus plan rebate program that ran back in April, well guess what we are doing it again from Now until December 31st. The deal applies to many of the most popular Ingersoll Rand Air Tools. Get up to 15% off current deals and other promotions. Check out the mail-in rebate for full …

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