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Ingersoll Rand Latest MAX Impact ¾” Quiet 2145QiMAX

Ingersoll Rand has done many thing right in their 100 year history of building professional air tools and the MAX line of impact tools is certainly a great example of that. By creating the most powerful, lightest & most durable tools, all-in-one, IR has really become the name to chase in the impact tool arena. This new 2145QiMAX ($499, Ohio …

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3/8” Impacts – New CP7729 vs Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX

Very recently Chicago Pneumatic launched a pair of new high end impact guns to accompany their ½” CP7749 (previous post) which competes well against the Ingersoll Rand ½” 2135TiMAX. The 2 new CP impact guns are very similar however one is a 3/8” CP7729 ($191, Ohio Power Tool) while the other is a ½” CP7739 ($217, Ohio Power Tool). Both …

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Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead – Air Ratchet or Impact Wrench?

What type of tool is the new IR Hammerhead? Significantly more powerful than any ratchet with more than 10x the free RPM speed, it must be an Impact. On the other hand at 13.1”, 3.4lbs and under 2” head height it fits into tight spaces better than any impact could. The 3/8” 2015MAX ($293, Ohio Power Tool) and the ½” …

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New Ingersoll Rand ¾” Impact Wrench 259

The new IR 259 essentially replaces the 258 as their mid-level ¾” gun for Ingersoll Rand. However there is nothing mid-level about this tool. It’s smaller and lighter than any other gun in its class. The gun delivers an impressive 1,050 ft lbs torque in both forward and reverse and only requires a 3/8” air inlet hose, unlike many others …

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