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Bosch 12V Laser Levels with Bluetooth GLL3-330

So, you’re on the job scrolling through Facebook, your foreman walks by and says, “get off your phone and get some work done.” You then quickly pull up the app and operate your Bosch 360 Three-Plan Leveling and Alignment laser and say “I am getting work done, you didn’t know about this?” This is one of those feel good moments …

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Red vs Green Line Lasers, You Have A Choice

The battle of Red Laser Vs Green Laser rages on, clearly Green is easier to see with the human eye than Red but there are other factors that need to be considered, mainly cost and runtime. Good news is the cost on green lasers has come down dramatically so it is easier to build lasers such as the Bosch GLL …

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PLS Green Dot Laser PLS3 & Green Line Laser PLS180

Pacific Laser Systems just launched 2 new green lasers the PLS3 Green Laser ($329, Ohio Power Tool) and PLS180 Green Laser ($479, Ohio Power Tool). These higher visibility green lasers has been something contractors have been requesting for years and PLS is not the first to launch a green dot or line laser. They have however done the best job …

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