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Makita AWS Bluetooth Cordless Vacuum XCV08Z Quick Look

We’ve decided to play with the Makita XCV08Z AWS Bluetooth Cordless Vacuum and this 2.1 gallon dry dust vac really holds up to the Makita name. Running on two 18V Batteries and 36V of power, the strong brushless motor provides 74 CFM. It’s also electronically controlled to optimize battery usage to allow 50% longer run time than previous brushed dust collector models. You’re looking …

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CS Unitec Long-Reach Drywall Sander ELS 225.1

CS Unitec has engineered a new Long-Reach Drywall Sander ELS 225.1 ($965, system with Vacuum) that prepares walls and ceiling seams that delivers flawless results. With this new system, users can create a smoother finish, quicker and cleaner that comparable products. In addition, this new system makes it easier, approximately 60% easier and less effort prior to painting, plastering and/or decorating. …

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OSHA Silica Dust Rules 9/23/17 – Step 1 Company Assessments

**** OSHA UPDATE 4/7/2017 – New OSHA Deadline is September 23, 2017 for Silica Dust Compliance as there was a 90 day extension added.  As the deadline for implementation of OSHA’s new Silica Dust Rule changes grows ever closer (June 23rd, 2017) the question “how do you know if you are ready” is a growing concern. We have teamed up with …

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JET Cyclone Dust Collectors Takes Vortex to Next Level

The technology of dust collection has certainly changed over the years. There are really no excuses with such a wide range of options and very low entry level price points for collecting and handling dust. These new Jet Cyclone Dust Collectors are a great example of 3 machines that can handle production level work for a very reasonable price tag. …

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Ridgid New Professional Wet/Dry Vacuums Motor-On-Bottom 1650RV

Ridgid has actually totally overhauled the Ridgid wet/dry vacuum line so there is a total of 12 new wet/dry vacuums in all (these are in addition to the Ridgid “Orange” vacs at home centers). The new Pro series offers several compact options in 4-6 gallon range as well as some nice specialty options for HEPA, stainless steel tank and a …

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Dust Collection a Strong Focus at 2011 STAFDA Show

As OSHA and EPA get tougher on regulations and penalties it is a fairly safe bet there is no such thing as over cautious when it comes to dust containment. All the power tool manufacturers are getting on board with more solutions to work with traditional tools as well as building in more dust collection features on new units. Here are just a few of …

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Jet Tools – Vortex Cone New Dust Collection Machines

The Jet website for their new Vortex Cone Dust Collection units really impressed us with some good information and a ton of nice YouTube videos (see below) from the guys of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The site has a helpful index of different shop machines and their required amount of air flow for proper dust removal. Here are just a …

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