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Dremel to Be the Model-T of 3D Printers, Meet the Idea Builder

In 2009 Dremel hit a home run with their Multi-Max, the oscillating tool everyone could afford. Not that those tools hadn’t been around for years before it was just Dremel made it so a lot more people could afford them and it became the most sold tool of the year. Dremel is looking to recreate that magic with the Dremel …

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Dremel Tool Closeout Deals & Great Gift Ideas

At Ohio Power Tool you can now get great deals on all Dremel tools in-stock. Supplies are limited, so when they are gone that’s it. Dremel tools make perfect gifts for woodworkers, craftsmen or any tool lover. Some of these units are currently at the absolute lowest prices on Google Shopping. Dremel Electric Engraver 290-05 – $19.95 These tools are …

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