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M18 DrainSnake, M18 SwitchPack & M12 AirSnake

We saw these new Milwaukee Cordless Drain Cleaning solutions at this year’s New Product Symposium (#NPS17) we did leave there with a few questions and recently we had the opportunity to have Morgan in the shop and address some actual usability questions, pricing questions and try to get a glimpse into how deep Milwaukee plans to go into the Drain …

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Ridgid Upgrade – Microsite

Ridgid has recently introduced several new Seesnake Inspection monitors, dvd recorders and reels with several more on the way. We had previously posted some information about these new items but Ridgid has also created a great microsite (www.RidgidUpgrade.com) just for these new products with additional pictures, videos, PDFs, specs and more. Some of the new items are in-stock and available …

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How Do I See Past the Toilet Trap? …microDrain

Our hopes for the original Ridgid Seesnake Micro were crushed when we found out it couldn’t get past the traps. When we heard the 9.5mm head was coming there was again discussion it would be more flexible and it would do the job but again hopes and dream down the drain. Then news of the microExplorer… surely this would be …

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