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M18 DrainSnake, M18 SwitchPack & M12 AirSnake

We saw these new Milwaukee Cordless Drain Cleaning solutions at this year’s New Product Symposium (#NPS17) we did leave there with a few questions and recently we had the opportunity to have Morgan in the shop and address some actual usability questions, pricing questions and try to get a glimpse into how deep Milwaukee plans to go into the Drain …

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Field Test: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Drain Snake 2571-21

The Milwaukee cordless drain snake has been a long awaited addition for many in the plumbing and maintenance trades. The M12 Drain Snake 2571-21 ($249) includes a 25’ x 5/16” bulb cable, battery, charger and 5 gallon bucket which is very handy for transport and storage. Some plumbers we talked with were concerned the M12 platform would not have enough …

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New Ridgid K-45 Drain Cleaning Gun with AUTOFEED

The Ridgid K-39 Drain Machine ($319-$454, Ohio Power Tool) has been a staple for many plumbers and maintenance pros for years. Just announced, Ridgid will be replacing the model with the new K-45 machine, which will continue to be available in manual or AUTOFEED versions. The new K-45 ($454, Ohio Power Tool) units are very similar to K-39 units with …

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