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Dewalt Lithium Ion 4.0Ah Batteries – Same Size & Weight

  It looks like we are seeing a trend with the launch of Metabo 4.0Ah, Hitachi 4.0Ah and New Makita Battery Patent for what is probably their 4.0Ah. Now with Dewalt launching a 4.0Ah Lithium Ion battery next month in Europe (US to follow) it seems like everyone will be making the switch soon enough. It was only about a …

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DeWalt Cleanable Hex Bit Holder – Is This Really Necessary?

  The ¼” hex bit holder is very handy and becoming essential as the torque rating on some of these tools continues to climb. At first glance we thought this was another one of DeWalt’s Impact Ready accessories built to handle high torque applications. Well it does that but the story of this accessory is cleaning… That’s right you can …

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Full-Sized DeWalt Rolling Miter Saw Stand DWX726

We had a chance to see this stand in person at the recent STAFDA trade show and what makes a lot of sense here is the adjustable brackets which can accommodate a number of different miter saw brands. It would also be an ideal platform to custom build mounts for other tools and work surfaces, at least that was our …

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New Dewalt Hand Tools Part 2: Hacksaw & Hex Keys

We went over several of the new Dewalt hand tools that were first introduced a short time ago. Since them we have had the opportunity to test out several of the additional new tools which had some nice features that do make the new Dewalt tools stand out from what is currently available as well as from their sister company and …

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DEWALT Tool Box TOUGHSYSTEM Not Only Tough but Versatile

The tool box system in simply the way it is done in Europe and all around the world. An organized system where you grab the right tool boxes snap them together and you have everything you need for the job and nothing extra to lug around. Here in the US we have big trucks, vans and garages to store our junk …

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New Pin Anchor Nail-In Drive System from DEWALT

  We have been seeing a recent trend, which we are really happy about, of finding new ways to improve how concrete fasteners are installed. Not only does this make the job easier on the installers it actually makes the installation more to spec in most cases. This could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars if an inspector decided they …

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DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade DW8500 to Cut Metal

  We first learned about the DEWALT’s diamond blade DW8500 ($249, Amazon) for cutting metal at last year’s STAFDA trade show and instantly it seemed like a no brainer. Using a standard cutting abrasive disc just has so many flaws. For one they don’t last very long, they get smaller as they are used so it makes cutting large diameter …

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DEWALT 12” Slide Miter DWS780 vs Bosch Glide Miter GCM12SD

 Last week we did a hands-on with the new DEWALT 12” slide miter saw DWS780 ($599) and the whole time we were thinking how does this compare with the new Bosch 12” Glide Saw GCM12SD (previous post)? Apparently this was not an uncommon though as we received several more questions after posting some images on the twitter feed @coptool.

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