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Cordless Power Tool LiHD Battery Cells, 18650 vs 20700

We recently attended the Metabo media event and got our hands on the cordless 9” grinder running on their 36V LiHD which is roughly the equivalent to a 20+ amp corded power tool. No question it was the most powerful cordless tool we’ve ever used. So what’s different with LiHD technologies and how could a tool brand with such a …

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Milwaukee V28 Transitions to Milwaukee M28 Tools

You may be thinking, oh no I’m going to need either new tools, battery or chargers for my V28 Tools to work with the new ones… Nope that is not the case. The M28 platform will be “100% compatible” with the current Milwaukee V28 tools. In fact many of the M tools will basically stay the same, with same part …

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Around the World – Milwaukee V28 Jigsaw

I was snooping around Milwaukee’s German site and found this little gem. I personally like this design for a jigsaw better than a traditional one. I’ve heard nothing about this coming to the US but hopefully we will see this sometime soon as it would be a very welcome addition to the lineup. If you are interested in picking up some …

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Milwaukee M12 Free Tools & Accessories

From now until April 30th if you purchase any individual M12 tool kit you will receive either a 48-11-2401 M12 Battery or a 49-24-0145 M12 Flash light for free. If you purchase 3 of the individual M12 tool kits you can get a free M12 Hackzall tool kit 2420-22 for free. The 2420-22 includes 2 batteries, case and charger; it …

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