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Makita 4-Stroke 14” Gas Cut-Off Saw EK7651H Have Arrived!

We made mention of the First Ever 4-Stroke Saw earlier this year at the World of Concrete and since then it has been a hot topic of conversation for many user of these types of saws. Well a handful of the Makita EK7651H ($1199, Ohio Power tool) have landed at select dealers around the country and are already getting some …

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On the Job: Small vs Large Bridge Deck Replacement

When it comes to bridge replacements this is about as small of a project as they get, but it is a simple way to cover all the basics and we found it very interesting. We followed this crew as they competed each step of this work. We also talked with professionals on larger jobs and got some additional input for …

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Diamond Products 14” SLR Fast-Cut Saw 03853 with Free Blade

The new Diamond Products Cut Core 14” SLR Cut-Off saw 03853 is completely redesigned from the ground up. Tested to complete and out perform against the most common models of Husqvarna/Partner K760 and Stihl TS420 Cut-Off saws. The new Diamond Products SLR saw has a lot to prove if it plans of converting any of their faithful users. Launching officially at next …

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New Dustless CutBuddie for Dust Collection in Concrete Cutting

When it comes to concrete dust collection accessories Dustless Technologies is one of the industry leaders. Recently they have redesigned both of their CutBuddie grinder attachments for improved performance and connectivity with various manufacturers. As you can see from the pictures above each CutBuddie comes with multiple connectors for various size grinders. We have not found a grinder yet that …

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Selecting a High Speed Diamond Saw Blade

  In this post we are just going to look at selecting portable wet/dry cutting Diamond Saw Blades which would typically go on a handheld gas saw such as the SpeediCut Core Cut 12”, 14” or 16” saws. One would think this would be very simple right, possibly 3 or 4 options but you would be very wrong. In a …

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