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Bosch GAS20-17AH

Bosch 300 CFM Wet/Dry Dust Extractor HEPA Vac GAS20-17AH

With a continued focus on user safety Bosch has announced a larger addition to their growing lineup of vacuums & dust extractor accessories. As companies have become compliant with the OSHA silica standards the Bosch VAC090 and VAC140 have been extremely popular. Both feature auto-cleaning, tool power management and 150 CFM which means they meet requirements up to 6” cutting …

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2017 Vacuum Comparison Test, OSHA Silica Table 1

*** Important to note we are not testing if these vacs meet the OSHA Standards, we are only testing usability & performance. We are relying on the manufacturer testing to be accurate in that all 6 competitors do meet the standards! The new OSHA Silica Standard is officially now a finable offense, having been in effect for over a year …

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Bosch Dust Collection Wet/Dry Vacs VAC140 & VAC090

The Bosch AirSweep Wet/Dry Vacuums have long been considered top of the line when it comes to jobsite vacuums. The Bosch units were some of the first to include a power tool activation outlet as well as pulse clean feature to keep the filter from clogging prematurely. The unit has always been sealed tight and well powered making it the …

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