Superjacks from Simplex

Simplex is a very well known brand of hydraulic systems but they are also the top manufacturer of mechanical jacks. There are many cases you might choose a mechanical jack over a hydraulic system. Mechanical jacks by design are simpler machines. They require no power source, there is little maintenance, easy to repair and typically last a long time in rough environments. The line of SuperJacks is one of their most popular lines of mechanical jacks for many good reasons. To start there is absolutely no creep and they can hold a load for days, weeks or indefinitely. These jacks are popular among bridge builders, structural steel work, shipbuilding, and any other industry where powerful, all-position jacks are required.

The Superjacks are made to take abuse you wouldn’t dream with other heavy lifting equipment. Extended outdoor use or near weld splatter these jacks can handle the toughest jobs. Lifting from 15 to 50 tons and models available with 4” to 9” travel.


Above is a look inside the jacks to their simple mechanics. Obviously these jacks have their limits and there is a good amount of manual labor in continued use. In most cases a hydraulic system will easily out perform the Super Jacks but if you need bulletproof tough this is it.

Ohio Power Tool carries many of the Simplex Mechanical Jacks, including the Superjacks, in-stock. This is important because due to high demand these jacks can often be hard to obtain on short notice.     


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