Sprayon Lubricants vs WD-40, PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench & CRC

Duct Tape or WD-40

When it comes to an alternative to WD-40 or even PB Blaster & Liquid Wrench we already know this may be an unpopular post. People love their WD-40 and would probably brush their teeth with it before giving it up. We are no exception; the flow chart above which has been floating around the internet for some time is frightenly accurate for solving many problems around here.

While these products have all found a way into our hearts over the years there are alternatives that might be better for specific applications. While the folks at Sprayon have done an excellent job of turning out some very high quality products they have certainly been far less successful in having people fall in love with them the same way.

WD-40 vs Sprayon LU711 The Protector

Lab tests below show that Sprayon LU711 gives you a higher flash point, dielectric strength, higher load capability as measured by ASTM D3233A, excellent water displacement, more penetration, a greater temperature range and better corrosion resistance by ASTM B-117. In addition Sprayon LU711 can be used in food processing operations.

Better Than WD-40

PB Blaster & Liquid Wrench vs Sprayon LU103 Rust-Breaker

Sprayon LU103 Rust-Breaker gives you a higher flash point, higher dielectric strength, higher water displacement, a much greater temperature range, and higher penetration as tested by wicking. In addition, Sprayon Rust-Breaker can be used in food processing operations. The LU103 also out performs the very popular Liquid Wrench L212 product as well which has even less impressive stats than the PB Blaster: Flash Point 205°F v 126°F, Dielectric Strength 47,400 v 39,000, Water Displacement (mm) 129 v 28, Penetrating Power (wicking) 9 v 4, NSF Rating H2 v None. In both cases a pretty significant benefit.

Better Than PB Blaster

CRC Electronic Degreasers vs Sprayon EL848

Electronics degreasers while certainly less common than WD-40 are critical for cleaning sensitive materials. Sprayon EL848 Flash Free Electrical Degreaser doesn’t contain any HAPS ingredients, has a higher solvency (KB value) and is safe on plastic.

Electronic Degreasers

In all Spayon offers hundreds of different chemical products everything from cutting oils, lubricants, glass cleaners, citrus degreasers and even hornet killing spray. All very easy to identify by chemical groups and purpose but none have unique or very rememberable graphics that might have say a hornet flipped on it’s back with Xs on the eyes. If you are after the best performing chemicals however you may want to seriously consider looking at the Sprayon Chemical Products.

The pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 can certainly help you find the right product that will meet your specific applications needs whether it is for sensitive electronics, food safe chemicals, or whatever you needs are. Sprayon most likely has the answer.

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