Skilsaw MeduSaw 7” WormDrive Concrete Saw SPT79-00

Medusaw Concrete Cutting

With Bosch selling the Skil brand to Chervon (Parent tool manufacturer behind EGO, Flex and many others) we were somewhat concerned as the SKILSAW brand has done a great job recently of separating itself out and re-branding towards the professionals again. There have been a handful of new tools built off it’s WormDrive technology including the WormDrive 10” Table Saw ($379), Outlaw 8” Metal Saw ($319) and SawSquatch 10-1/4” Saw ($399). It looks like a couple of things will be continuing, first the focus on new professional tools built off their trademark WormDrive platform and second the ridiculous names for every new saw will continue on as well! Launching January 2017 is the MeduSaw 7” Concrete Saw SPT79-00 ($399) it uses the WormDrive motor, also has built-in skate, guide, water hookup and dust collection.

As the OSHA Silica Dust Rule Changes of June 23, 2017 get ever closer we are seeing companies really start to get concerned about what new solutions will be available and what is going to work. We know many manufacturers are working on new products but they really need to be in the market soon. This new SkilSaw uses both water and dust collection to meet the OSHA specs but also water has a terrific benefit on cooling the blade and extending the cutting life. The skate and guide roller built-in should make this saw excellent for creating very controlled strait lines.

Skilsaw Concrete cutting

Skilsaw Medusaw

We should see this new saw in person at the STAFDA show, only a few weeks away, hopefully more info to follow. If you have any questions on concrete cutting or other silica dust tools that meet the new OSHA spec for engineered dust control solutions, give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424.

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