FallTech SRL Leading Edge

Self-Retracting Lifelines SRL, Going Leading Edge

FallTech SRL Leading Edge

Fall protection equipment is an essential part of any jobsite when it comes to working at heights. Crazy to imagine 11 people died building the Golden Gate Bridge and that was celebrated as a huge safety accomplishment. In the 1930’s the rule of thumb was 1 death per $1 million of project cost, at $35 million total the expectation was 35 people might die to get the job done (history.com). Today thankfully 1 death is too many when it comes to preventable injuries and as we learn more the technology improves. Leading Edge technology for SRLs is where many companies are headed to keep workers safe.

Leading Edge Basics, any unprotected side of a floor, roof, framework, walkway, etc can be considered an “edge” which has proven to be more hazardous and through the course of construction projects that are many exposed edges presented at different stages. For this reason many companies are simply switching to the safer Leading Edge SRL option with stronger cables. The down-side is these do come with a slightly higher price tag and additional weight, for instance the 15’ DuraTech 7226C is 11 lbs while the similar Leading Edge version 7226CLE is 14 lbs.

SRL Leading Edge

These Leading Edge SRLs do give the added flexibility to tie-off where you want, positioned overhead, side or at foot level (up to 5’ below the dorsal D-ring) as long as required fall clearance is meet, see instruction manual. The new FallTech DuraTech Leading Edge options are 15’ 7226CLE and 20’ 7227CLE which are both ANSI SRL Class A. There are also 30’ 7232CLE and 60’ 7265CLE options which are ANSI SRL Class B.

FallTech also offers a more cost effective Contractor SRL series which also have 3 Leading Edge options with the 20’ 727620LE, 30’ 727630LE and 50’ 727650LE all which are ANSI Class B rated. FallTech is really one of the Fall Protection leaders in the Leading Edge SRL category and continue to invest in developing new products for the industry and doing more regional training on topics just like this. Of course for any fall protection needs always consult your company’s competent person or a reputable outside Safety Professional. For more clarification on the Leading Edge topic visit OSHA.org.

FallTech Leading Edge

Ohio Power Tool carries a full range of FallTech from Harnesses, Lanyards, SRLs, Confined Space Tripods & Davit Systems as well as anchors, accessories and everything else you might need. When it comes to repairing and servicing of FallTech SRLs Ohio Power Tool is also one of FallTech’s few Factory Authorized Service Centers in the country outside their own Compton, CA facility. If it’s important to you that a company knows the products they sell inside and out and can actually back what they sell you, consider checking them out.

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