Seirus Innovative Winter Glove Technology to Help Battle Cold

As the cold weather is hitting many of us for the first time you may have done what we did this morning and rummage around the basement looking for last year’s hat and gloves. If you can’t locate them or it’s time for upgrade here are a couple product innovations you may not be aware of in winter apparel. Probably better know for snowboarding and Ski gear Seirus has been making cold weather products for some time. On the leading edge of any technology that will keep you warm they have found their products have excellent applications on the jobsite.

Seirus Xtreme

The Seirus Xtreme All Weather Waterproof Glove 8011 ($29) is an example of this technology at work. This glove is breathable and comfortable but you can stick your hand in a bucket of water without having any leakage. Considering the incredible protection from wind, water & cold the glove is pretty thin with a very high level of dexterity to operate tools or equipment. Check out the video below for more details.

The Seirus Soundtouch Hyperlite 8001 ($20) are the thinnest gloves in the lineup but still offer a very high level of protection from wind and weather. The Soundtouch also means these gloves work with any touch screen technology such as iPhone, iPad, tablet or any other touch device. For seriously cold weather these also work very well as liners under mittens or other heavy gloves.


The Seirus HEATWAVE system in another pretty innovative technology developed for keeping warm. While they are looking to bring this to many more products in the future the Sierus HEATWAVE Accel Gloves 8114 ($23) are one of the ones we had an opportunity to try out. While in the picture this looks like a pretty thick glove it really is surprisingly thin. In addition to HEATWAVE these gloves also take advantage of 300g Thermolite for insulation which means they are going to be incredibly warm.

Heatwave Seirus

In addition to these specific products Seirus offers some excellent solutions in head and face protection that can be worn under a hard hat and with a lot of versatility. Ohio Power Tool stocks a full range of winter jobsite clothing along with a wide range of other items for personal safety. If you have any questions give the pros a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help get ready for the winter ahead.

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