Season Two Finale! Bosch Numbers Don’t Matter, Power Tools for Under the Ocean and So Much More!

Next up on Week In Review, Powertools go down under, underwater. Tim Johnson stops At Flex and Christiana introduces us to a whole new project and a whole new game!

Tim the Tool Man Johnson from Shop Tool Reviews was at SEMA recently and didn’t even say Hi to us. Still salty. Anyways, he DID seem to have time for the Flex booth, which is understandable because they were showing off their new FLEX XCE 8 125 Cordless Orbital Forced Rotation Polisher. Remember guys, It’s not the length of the name, but the size of the tool. It’s true. You can see what I’m talking about at Shop Tool Reviews on Youtube.

Kyle from RR Buildings decided to show off his Cordless Bosch Bulldog this week. He’s used it for some time now, but there are some things about it he doesn’t seem to care about. He doesn’t care about the numbers. If you don’t care about numbers either, you might as well watch RR Buildings on Youtube.

A Buddy of mine sent in a video this week from an Australian company called Trade Tools, who reviewed a set of Nemo Power Tools. These drills and grinders are NOT meant for the shower but for underwater work. Based on their website, you too can have an 18v 3ah Impact drill for only $1,700 didgeridoos which come out to about $1100 USD. I also realize this video is from way back in April, but youtube has to bring these videos over on a boat. You can see it yourself at Tradetools on youtube.

Here’s proof, hot off a recent roo, our buddies Mike and Dwayne from Oz Tool Talk just took time out of their Aussie schedule to review the new Bosch Bi-Turbo 8 and 1/2″ GCM 18v miter saw. They’ve been waiting for some time to get their hands on the new Bosch and they were NOT disappointed. I am a little frustrated they kept covering up Mike with the third screen… Stop covering up my Mike! You can see at least half of him, at oz tool talk on youtube.

Our last stop on Youtube is with Mark Thomas, or Mark Thomas Builder if you’re fancy. Mark gave the new Milwaukee Heated Gloves the usual round of testing and yes… they were warm. I did, however, feel like he spends an unusual amount of time on his manly montage and forever pointing out that they’re XLs. You can watch Mark and his giant hands at Markthomas builder on youtube.

When you go to buy a bike…what is the first thing you test? The comfort of the seat! That’s right. You make sure the seat is comfortable and that is exactly what Bart from Komar Projects did when he made a Wooden Bicycle. Now the seat was actually the last thing that he built but he did not sacrifice comfort even though he made it from a solid piece of wood. Apparently the comfort is all in the shape he chose. The bike is gorgeous and the seat just pulled the entire project together! You can find the wooden seat video and the video for the wooden bicycle at Komar Project on YouTube.

Christmas is going to be here before we know it and if you are anything like me your to-do list is growing by the hour. If you are planning on making any gifts this year you really need to watch this video from Get Hands Dirty. Cristiana made her own version of a popular game that is often played in pubs in Denmark called Klask. She mostly used her CNC machine, and her 3D printer to make the board and the little pieces. Seriously this game looks so fun! I think we need to make one for our new studio. You can find this project at Get Hands Dirty on YouTube, or you can find the game Klask pretty much all over Europe. 

Speaking of handmade Christmas gifts, DIY Montreal shared a video where she made a couple of styles of Coasters out of wood and epoxy. Something that I really loved about this project is that she used a lot of scrap wood from her shop to make these. You could make these pretty quickly and in so many patterns and colors for everyone on your list. You can find this video at DIY Montreal on YouTube! 

Everyone take a seat because it’s time to review the construction news with the Construction Junkie. This week we head back to Las Vegas. Vegas, of course, is home to over 11 million square feet of meeting, exhibit, and trade show space. But this March, a couple of new records will be broken with the opening of the Ceasers Forum, where not one but TWO pillarless ballrooms will boast 110,000 square feet… EACH. That’s a lot of unsupported roof! Shane, the CJ himself was able to tour the place recently and sent back this photo that shows off the engineering feat, while also reminding us that hotel carpet will NEVER get any better.

Do you want to start a career on the Jobsite, but don’t want to bother with college? Not a problem. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics published the ten top-paying construction jobs requiring only a high school diploma or GED. Carpenters are number 9 at $46,590 dollars, Plumbers make a decent $53,910 dollars, which is why I’m hitting up Eric for a Mechanical Hub loan next time I see him, and the number one spot goes to Elevator Installers and Repairers! No matter the construction job you choose, they all include the genuine satisfaction of seeing something you built, when it’s done. For these stories and all you industry news, be sure to visit construction junkie dot com

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