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SawStop Router Tables & New Saw Options

SawStop Coming Soon

We always wondered how SawStop might expand upon their brand, we all first got introduced to them for their innovative safety feature that prevents table saw injuries. Overtime however people have come to associate SawStop Saws not just as a safety feature, but for very high quality professional table saws. Already they have expanded to every type of table saw market from large industrial saws to the portable jobsite table saw JSS-MCA, which after a quick bout of competition is again the only portable table saw option with a flesh detecting technology. So where can they expand from here?

Router Tables

It does not appear SawStop will be getting into the router making business, so no plans for a flesh detecting router that’ll stop on contact. It does mean you can get a SawStop table saw with a large cast iron table that can accommodate a high end router. There will also be stand alone and benchtop options with either cast iron or phenolic tables.

Router Tables SawStop

Expanded Table Saw Solutions

Large format sliding table, folding outfeed table and floating dust collection guard are several new options coming this summer for the professional and industrial saws. While these are not revolutionary and we have not seen prices on any of these new additions they should all find nice success with the loyal SawStop base they have established.

SawStop Outfeed Table

SawStop Table Expander

SawStop Dust Collection

Where does SawStop go from here? Good questions, looks like they will continue to dominate all things table saw related and continue to make very solid high quality products. Because of the nature of the technology we often get questioned (and ask the questions ourselves) what about a miter saw, what about a circ saw, recip or grinder with the same technology? So far no news on any of those front and our best guess would be unfortunately we probably won’t.

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