SawStop Adds New Jobsite PRO Table Saw

SawStop has listened to end-user feedback and have brought you the newest innovation to their table saw line. The Jobsite Saw Pro JSS-120A60 ($1399). A brief overview of improvements include: a larger table, included dust collection & guard, fence slide, and like everything else SawStop —safety as a top priority. Launching in October.

By listening to end users, SawStop has made small and simple tweaks to their new Jobsite Table Saw that subtly, yet vastly, improve the value you’ll receive. Basically, the 2 added inches for a deeper table in front of blade and included dust collection & guard ($120 value, previously sold separately) justify the price increase of only $100 is from its predecessor—the JSS-MCA.

The overhauled fence design slides smoothly and locks firmly with the innovative ErgoLock. Thus, giving you a safer experience for rip cutting of smaller work pieces. However, the portability of this guy is also what really sets it apart. In conclusion, use it in your shop, and easily transport it onsite and save yourself from having an additional table saw—the modern paint job is just icing on the cake.

Pre-Order yours, and find more info, here to ensure you’ll have your new table saw by October, 2019.

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