The Saw Shoe | Make The Perfect 90 Degree Cut w/ Less Fatigue!

These Power Cutters get pretty heavy when you’re bent down cutting concrete. Fatigue kicks in and the back gets tight. After the cut, you need to go through it again with a Grinder to clean it up! Well, save some energy and frustration and take a look at the Saw Shoe. If the shoe fits, right? 

A Saw Shoe is designed to fit any top Power Cutter on the market. The shoe fits well on brands like Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna and Dolmar.

The Saw Shoe is the first tool ever to make the perfect 90 degree cut every time. When the Saw Shoe hits the product you’re cutting, it’ll put your blade at a 90 degree angle. At this point, you’re just guiding the power saw through the cut. Also, the Saw Shoe has a spring loaded depth gauge, meaning there isn’t any restriction to your cutting depths.

Here is some installation videos of the various models to give you a idea how easy it is to install the Saw Shoe:

As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward installing the Saw Shoe and you’ll be ready to cut those perfect lines in no time! Take a look at these two videos providing some great feedback from the job site.

Both of these gentlemen agree that the Saw Shoe is a great investment for anyone using a Power Cutter on a daily basis. Save yourself some time and energy, get a Saw Shoe for yourself and see (and feel) the difference.

Get your own Saw Shoe from Ohio Power Tool starting at only $199.

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