Safe Cracking with Milwaukee Carbide Torch & Carbide HoleDozer

Carbide Sawzall Blades

We just received this Milwaukee PACKOUT sample case and challenge to use the accessories to do the #CarbideGaunet. While drilling through some nail embedded wood or rebar a few hundred time sounds like fun we really wanted to see if these could handle something a little more challenging, like getting into a safe! Certainly those have to be tough right, are these new accessories tough enough to drill thought the locking mechanism or cut through the entire safe?

The answer is a scary yes, the new Carbide accessories will get you into a safe and do it very very quickly. Safe Cracking 101 with Milwaukee Carbide is shockingly simple. We also cut thought a 10lb dumbbell and attempted to cut a Diablo Carbide Recip blade but it vibrated violently and actually snapped the Diablo blade before it could make the cut.

Carbide HoleDozer

While we plan to do much more in-depth testing with all of these new carbide accessories, our first impressions are that these are a huge leap forwards for Milwaukee fans. We have already seen carbide take over much of the bi-metal Sawzall blade and hole saw market with their 50x usage life but they are also 10x the price so not going to totally replace bi-metal in the short term.

Carbide Torch Sawzall Blade

The Milwaukee Carbide Ax Blades have been around for over a year and we expect to see the new Carbide Torch, Carbide Hole Hawg and Carbide Hole Dozers on shelves by early May. Check out all the Milwaukee Tools and Accessories at Ohio Power Tool!

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