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Alright, I have NO idea what’s going on over at Ryobi. They seem to be determined to put their ONE plus and 40v batteries on anything that has a motor, and with 75 tools on the 40V platform, and 260 on the 18V ONE +, we figured they had just about got the job done. But nope. Today they just announced 7 more, because why not. Let’s go.

The theme for today’s announcement was cleaning products. But Ryobi isn’t just happy cleaning your shop, they want to take over your living room and kitchen as well.

Starting with a pair of cordless 18V ONE+ Stick Vacs. First, the PCL720K delivers 20% more suction, it’s 30% lighter and 50% quieter. Than what you ask? They didn’t say. So, I’m just going to assume they’re comparing it to their old stick vac. It comes with a 4AH lithium-Ion battery which should give you up to 45 minutes of runtime.

It now has a Cyclonic filter that claims to trap up to 99.9% of dust and allergen matter. The other .1% of the dust will land directly on the side table your mother-in-law will sit next to when she comes over. That’s the law of physics. 

If you’re a stick vac person, you’ll be thrilled to know this one stands up on it’s own. A surprisingly rare feature in this space. It has LED lights to better illuminate the shame of your once-a-month cleaning habit, and the dust cup is easy enough to empty, that you might just clean more often.

It includes a crevice tool for losing in the first week, a dust brush for cleaning delicate surfaces, and then keeping the crevice tool company wherever you lost them. It’s also compatible with Ryobi’s micro-crevice tool, the mini motorized beater bar, and the dual-roller bar as well.

It comes with a 3 year warranty, and includes a charger and a handy wall mount, all for only $199.

The other Stick vac is the PBLSV716K, or in english, the Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Cordless Pet Stick Vac kit. That HP should already tell you that you’ve stepped up in power, and it certainly seems to deliver.

The Intelligent Brushless motor will give you 2 times more suction power, 60 minutes of runtime, and still 30% lighter and 50% quieter. Sarah and I recently toured the the R&D facility at Ryobi, and let me just say this. They’re putting a HUGE amount of effort into making their tools quieter. So when they say these vacs are 50% quieter, I believe them.

The Pet Stick has the same Cyclonic design, LED lights, and an easy to empty dust cup. It also includes a crevice tool, and dust brush, and it’s compatible with the same accessories as the lessor vac. It includes the vac, 4ah battery, accessories, wall mount and charger for $249. At this point, I have no idea why you wouldn’t just spend $50 extra and get this one. 

There is technically a 3rd sku available. The PBLSV717K, which is the Pet Stick, but prepackaged with their Dual Roller Bar. This thing is made of a plush roll and brush roll that will improve it’s pickup game. The added plush roll is engineered to more effectively pick up debris on hard floors. But that’s not all that’s included in this special version.

It also has the Micro Crevice tool that helps you get into extra tight spaces, and the mini motorized beater bar, specifically designed to increase suction on smaller surfaces like bedding and upholstery. This flagship stick will cost you $299. All three models will be available in spring 2022. 

And that’s just the Stick Vacs. They also just announced 3 new 18V ONE+ hand Vacs. The first is the PCL705B, which for only $35 bucks, will offer powerful suction in a very compact package. It has an easy to empty dust cup, dual filter system for maintaining suction, and a universal nozzle which accepts any 1 ¼” accessory.

But before you preorder one, you might want to consider it’s fancier brother, the PCL704B, called the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Performance Hand Vaccum. And that performance, stands for… well performance I’m assuming. It claims to offer 2x the suction… of something. They didn’t say.

But I don’t doubt it’ll suck twice as hard as anything that sucks half as much. That’s for sure. It’s also 25% more compact, making it easier to reach into the WAY back parts of your minivan where the mushrooms grow in the chunky milk and cheetos left by your kids. It also includes an easy to empty dust cup, and a fancy dual filter. It’ll include a crevice tool and dust brush, all for only $49 freedom beans. 

But wait, there’s… another hand vac. This one is the PCL702B, and it’s a 18V ONE+ WET/DRY hand vac. Now that I think about it, THIS is what that nasty minivan needs. They say it’s the industry’s most powerful WET/dry hand vac. It’s got all the same features as the other two, but this one sucks liquid too. It includes a crevice tool, dust brush, and a squeegee, all for only $59 bucks. Now all three hand vacs will also be arriving in Spring of 2022, and only come as bare tools. 

So is that enough? Nope. Ryobi is also launching an all new 40V Wet/Dry vac, with a proper 10gallon capacity we love to see in our shops. The RY40WD01B has more than just a sexy sky, it also boasts a strong 80CFM, includes on-board storage for your accessories and hose, an IPX4 water Resistant battery enclosure, drain plug, and an 8ft hose.

It’s quiet at only 68 db, and will run for up to 60 minutes on a single 6ah battery. It includes two filters, one for dry, and the other for not dry. Wet, they call that. This will only come bare for $199 sometime in the spring of this year. 

They also announced a few new scrubber accessories in various sizes and bristle stiffness. Not exciting, but a sign of Ryobi’s commitment to being your choice for cleaning with power tools. 

That’s it for now, but it’s still early in the day, and at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryobi launched more tools before the day is done. 

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