Rotozip Variable Speed Spiral Saw RZ2000 Kit

It is pretty safe to say Rotozip has gone well beyond a handy tool for cutting out drywall at this point. The inventor of the spiral saw is still the best option for quick cutting in drywall but now the tools come standard with attachments to use the XWheel & ZipWheel saw blades. This changes the whole functionality of these tools and opens the gates to a wide range of cutting in metal, tile, masonry, stone, wood, grout removal and other materials. While these new Rotozip Accessories have been out over a year now, some of the trades they are best intended are just now adopting them.

The RZ2000 Spiral Saw Kit ($167 Ohio Power Tool) is the latest kit to come out and includes an even better saw attachment head with a handle. The saw is more powerful at 6.0amp, variable speed (15,000-30,000RPM), ideal for the growing range of applications. The kit also has a variety of saw blades and rotary bits all packed into a nice new case.

Checkout all the different options for Rotozip Spiral Saws and Accessories as well as the very popular Tile Dock ($69 Ohio Power Tool). You can see the Tile Dock and Diamond bit in the video below. Rotozip is a part of Bosch Tool so you know the quality is excellent, it also means the cordless Rotozip works with the Bosch 18v litheon batteries. If you have any questions about Rotozip tools email [email protected].   


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